Stump Removal and Grinding

Once a tree has been cut down in Denver, you are left with a stump. Most people do not know what to do with the stumps and as such, they are left to wither on their own, which should not be the case. At Denver Heights Tree Service, we take pride in providing professional stump removal and grinding services to all commercial and residential clients. 

We have fully licensed technicians and we have the knowledge and the skills to remove stumps safely and effectively. You can fully count on us to improve the curb appeal of your property by removing tree stumps.

We have invested in modern equipment and tools, which make our work easier and professional.

Stump removal is a labor-intensive task and as such, you should leave it to the professionals.

We have been in the business for a couple of decades and our objective is to ensure that our clients are happy with our work.

Stump grinding is our preferred method of eliminating tree stumps as it is fast and economical.

This will not destroy your landscape as the work will be limited to the specific area where there is a tree stump.

Our tree removal process is comprehensive and we will not give you the option of waiting for the stumps to rot and decompose naturally, as this can take a whole lot of time.

If you have ugly and stubborn stumps on your property, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Why Remove Tree Stump

The unfortunate bit with tree stumps is the fact that they are ugly and they will compromise the beauty of your outdoors. We are professionals who will find the right methods to get rid of stumps effectively. One of the main reasons why you should remove the stumps is to minimize accidents on your property. Leaving a stump sticking out can cause people or even pets to trip and get hurt. Choosing to remove the stumps will make your yard safer for all to enjoy. This will enhance the beauty of your property and bring out the true value of the landscape.

If you need to mow your lawn with stumps around, it can be quite a tall order. You will have to find ways of navigating your way around these stumps. As a way of improving convenience when dealing with tree stumps, you need to have them removed. Once we have removed the stumps, you will find it a lot easier to cut the grass. When tree stumps are left to rot on their own, they become a serious danger to the other plants. They will breed pests and diseases, which can be transmitted across the garden. Stump removal will protect the other trees and your property, at large.

Stump Grinding Denver

Stump grinding is a complicated and dangerous task. It takes much more than a chainsaw or a grinder to complete the work successfully. You will need to have the experience and the expertise to handle this and it is best left to professionals. Removing the stumps is a tedious task and will require you to dig out the ground. This can have a negative impact on landscape design. As such, stump grinding is better and we will use our modern equipment to eliminate the stumps, without damaging your garden or yard. We will provide comprehensive solutions and get rid of all unwanted stumps.

With our stump grinding services, you will enjoy a number of benefits on your property. In addition to making your property safer, we will enhance the aesthetics of your property. We are skilled and we have the experience to remove all types of stumps. It does not matter the size or location of your stump as we will use our skills and equipment to tackle the issue. Stump removal is a serious task and you should not entrust it to any company. You need to establish that you are dealing with qualified and experienced contractors. Get in touch with us for safe and effective stump removal services.

Get in Touch

With our experience, we assure you that we will complete stump removal and grinding in a professional manner. Once we have removed the stump, we will backfill the hole and you can plant new trees or grass on the same spot. Contact us today and find out the best solutions to the ugly and stubborn stumps on your property. We look forward to serving you.