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Denver Heights Tree Service is your one-stop-shop for complete tree care. Our professional arborists can handle any job including: 

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal For Trees Of All Sizes
  • Stump Removal and Grinding
  • Tree Planting

It’s time to stop searching and start taking better care of your trees.

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Our Services

Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming can make a world of difference in the health and beauty of your trees and even your entire yard. Trimming does more than just shape the tree- it always ensure correct and safe growth for the coming months or years. Regular trimming also allows our arborists to assess the overall health of your trees and remove any dead branches.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is sometimes the only solution for dead, dying or dangerous trees. At Denver Heights Tree Services, we can handle trees of all sizes and over the years we’ve had to remove some giant trees! Our team can also help you make the decision and decide if removal is the best option or if there are other solutions.

Tree Planting

We can guide you through every step of the planting process. From deciding which trees will work best for your property to planting and maintaining your tree for years to come. Many people think you just dig a hole and put a tree in it but there’s a lot more to it than that!

Stump Removal Services

Maybe you were able to remove the tree but now you’re left with one of the toughest parts of tree removal: the stump. But you can’t leave it behind. Stumps are more than just ugly they can also be a dangerous tripping hazard. We can help you remove that stump completely.

Tree Pruning

While pruning is similar to trimming there are differences. Proper pruning can prevent unhealthy growth of branches and keep your tree looking amazing all year round. Pruning is a bit of an art and a science- but we’ve got you covered.

Denver Heights Tree Service Serves Cherry Creek and Nearby Areas


Our team serves the entire metro area north of the Cherry Creek area. Whatever you need, we can help. Many times we’re able to stop by and provide an estimate on the same day.

Here’s a quick list of the cities we serve:

  • Denver
  • Englewood
  • Lakewood
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Broomfield
  • Thornton
  • Aurora
  • Federal Heights
  • And more!

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Why It’s Important To Hire A Tree Service Professional

You might be pretty handy- or at least used to handling a lot of work on the house on your own. And those branches might not seem like they’re really that high up …but they are.

But that’s not the only reason. For those of you on the fence, we’ve got several reasons why you should really leave the tree care to the professionals.


The number one reason is pretty simple: tree care is dangerous. The work requires experience and specialized equipment for many tasks (especially removal jobs). The trees themselves are the most obvious danger but you’ve also got to worry about things like power lines, broken branches, other people and other property. You might save money by not hiring a pro but if you’re going to pay a lot more if you drop a branch on your neighbors car! It just isn’t worth risking your health to save a couple bucks on tree service. Besides, Denver Heights Tree Service is one of the most affordable tree services around.


What takes the professional a few hours may take the amatuer an entire weekend. Not only do you have better things to do but you also want to make sure the work is done correctly. When you work with a professional arborist, you know the work will be done correctly every time.

And you don’t have to spend your weekend on a ladder with a chainsaw!


Most tree care jobs require a variety of specialized equipment to get the job done right. The most obvious one that you probably don’t have around is a crane! It isn’t safe to try and use a ladder or just climb up certain tree or some heights so the professionals use a crane. This allows to reach every spot and do it safely.


Trees are a big part of your yard. The last thing you want to do is damage them or set them up for dangerous growth into power lines or other property. Not only will you save time and stay safe by bringin on Denver Heights Tree Service but you also get the peace of mind knowing you the job is done the right way.

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The Many Benefits Trees Provide To Your Home

Tree do more than just look nice. They can provide a real value to your home in a long list of ways. We’ve put together just a few.

Money Does (Sometimes) Grow On Trees

Trees take years (and years) to grow and mature. Because of that, a mature tree can be sold for as much as $10,000 ins some cases! Obviously there’s going to be a cost to removing and transporting the tree but that’s not a bad take at all!

Take care of your trees because you might need them one day! But trees have financial value even when they’re left in the ground!

Trees Increase Your Property Value

According to Money magazine proper landscaping (including tree care) can provide a 200 percent ROI when it comes to selling your home. That’s more than even a bathroom remodel!

More Shade Means More Power Bill Savings

Trees do more than look nice. They also provide valuable shade that keeps your air conditioner off and your power bill low. While this might be a small amount per month, this can quickly add up over time.

About Denver, CO

The Cherry Creek area of Denver is the part of the city! Well, we might be a little biased but we aren’t the only ones that love this area! While we provide service across Denver and the north metro area we love spending time in Cherry Creek.

It has the perfect mix of everything! Beautiful parks mixed with the amazing Cherry Creek Shopping Center means there’s something for everyone. The area has grown consistently over the years but hasn’t lost any of it’s charm!

When it comes to trees, you can see a long list of native Colorado trees if you drive down 1st towards the Denver Country Club. It’s one of our favorite drives!